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The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game

  • Age: 12+ years
  • Number of Players: 4-8 players
Players will attempt to caption images from the website The game consists of movie line cards and photo cards. Game play is very similar to that of "Apples to Apples". Each player is dealt eight movie quote cards. These cards consist of movie quotes from a variety of genres (including comedy, horror/thriller, drama, etc.). One player, called "The Critic" will select an "Awkward Family Photo" card which depicts an image from That player places the card for all players to see the image. The other players will then choose the caption card that they feel best fits the picture. They place this card face down on the table. "The Critic" player then takes the caption cards and reads the captions aloud. He/she will then select the caption that they feel is the best. The player whose caption card was selected wins the round. Play continues with a new player taking the role of "The Critic".
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