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Despicable Me Labyrinth

  • Age: 8+ years
  • Number of Players: 2-4 players
Fans of Ravensburger's classic Labyrinth game will love this special Despicable Me edition of Labyrinth. A truly fascinating and unique board game experience for the whole family! The basic rules are the same as in Ravensburger's classic Labyrinth game. You are looking for the most popular "Despicable Me" characters hiding in the maze. Try to find the hilarious yellow Minions, the former supervillain Gru, his three adopted girls and several other friends and evildoers! How you ask? It's really easy: to collect a movie star, players need to create an unobstructed path to the the Despicable Me character they are looking for. Taking turns players insert the extra tile anywhere on the side of the game board where there is a yellow arrow. Once inserted that tile will push another tile out at the opposing side of the board. Watch out! Your opponents will try and "throw you off" your path. A constantly changing board is Labyrinth's most unique feature. Winner is who first finds the most characters and returns his mover back to its starting position.
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