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Battletech Record Sheets 3050 Upgrade

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CAT35161 Record Sheets 3050 Upgrade - Classic Battletech RPG by Catalyst Game Labs You have grasped the tactics involved with the additional units and weapons from Total Warfare to defeat your opponents. Now you own Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade and want to deploy some of those Mechs and vehicles on your gaming table. Grab your dice and start rolling, because these sheets are for you! Record Sheets: 3050 Upgrade contains more than 85 pre-printed Mech record sheets that will have players firing autocannons, missiles and PPCs at each other in no time. More than a dozen vehicle sheets bring the excitement of combined-arms game play to any table top. Two ready-to-play scenarios focus on the highlights of this volume, while an extensive Rules Addendum introduces fire and artillery, providing a sneak peak of all the advanced rules options provided in Tactical Operations.
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