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Getting the family to spend quality time together can be challenging as kids are sucked into addictive video games and spend all their time on screens.

Kids are spending 5-7 hours on screen - every day!

The National Institute of Health reports that kids are spending an average of 5-7 hours(!) every day on a screen. That's unhealthy for kids who need to develop social and fine motor skills by interacting with other people and the physical world.

Here's 5 tips for getting your kids offline and socializing with their siblings and friends:

1. Develop Fun Alternatives

It's not strange or unusual for kids to want something that stimulates their mind or engages them physically. Kids are high-energy, low attention span. So try out some modern games or activities that will catch their interest.

2. Set Clear Guidelines

Sit down with your kids and let them know that they are going to get less and less screen time over the next month or two until they are at a healthy level. Let them know this isn't to punish them or that they did anything wrong, but that this will help them be happier and have more fun in the long run.

3. Let Them Decide

Kids hate being told what to do, and that makes sense - most of us do! So instead, give them a few options to pick from. For example, they can play a board game with the family, play soccer with a friend, or help Mom in the kitchen. That last option will probably motivate them to pick one of the other two!

4. Play Video Games With Them

When you join in their world for a little while, and can have fun doing something they love, they'll feel a lot more like you understand them and will have more respect for what you say. Even though they will beat you every time, you might end up having fun too!

5. Invite Them to Spend Time with You

In the end, kids really want to spend time with you and hear how much you love them and enjoy being with them. If you spend quality time with them, doing something they enjoy, they'll soak it up!

When was the last time your family enjoyed a whole evening focused on each other and having a ton of fun?

Families should be able to turn off all their devices (Mom + Dad, that means you too!) and just have quality time together, but nobody wants to be bored for an evening. That's why board games have such an appeal for families, and these ones could be a great fit for your next family night.

Board Games are Hot Right Now

Games have created a way for friends and family to connect in a really fun way that builds lasting memories, and because of that, they are getting more and more popular.

People are realizing that spending time on screens and disconnected from people is just leading to more unhappiness and depression. Games reverse that trend by bring people together around a table again.

So what if you're never tried board games before as a family? Ticket to Ride is our top choice for families that want to try a game for the first time.

It's fun for all ages, starting at 7-8 years old, and teaches kids to plan ahead by building trains all across North America.

For younger kids, try out Ice Cool where they can develop their motor skills flicking a penguin around a school, collecting fish, doing tricks, and catching their rascal friends!

Ticket to Ride

For the modern family, board games bring everyone together. The latest family games combine laughter and excitement into one package.

All Rinuu games come with free shipping and 30-day returns for any reason.

When you order a game from Rinuu, you'll receive your shipment in 2-4 days and we guarantee your family will enjoy it. If not, just send it back and we'll refund you the cost plus your return shipping.

We think your family will especially love Ticket to Ride, a train building game that rewards the fastest, smartest conductor. If you have younger kids, Ice Cool is a wild flicking game where you'll send your penguins rocketing through a school to grab their fish. If you want something fast and easy, Spot It! is a game for all ages that rewards the person with a quick eye (and watch out! kids are usually better than parents at this game!).

Ticket to Ride with kid

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- Jennifer G.

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"Fun game. I played it with a 7 and 10 year old and they had fun the first time. It gets better the more you play it as you learn how various cards interact with others. The package was shrink wrapped and in perfect condition. The cards are heavy stock and should last a while if treated with reasonable care."

- Leslie R.