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Explore Europe right from the comfort of your own home with Ticket To Ride: Europe. When you are looking for a game that is both fun and educational, you can choose the Ticket to Ride game from Games of Wonder. But after you finish the original game, why not expand your horizons with the Europe version? This complete game lets you go from Lisbon – Moscow and Edinburgh – Constantinople. It includes things like ferries, train stations and tunnels and has larger cards and a game board that’s lavishly illustrated. It’s a fun game that people of all ages will love playing!

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Get ready for a new train adventure as you travel across Europe with Ticket to Ride - Europe, the new edition of the worldwide hit from Days of Wonder. From Edinburgh to Constantinople and from Lisbon to Moscow, the game will take you on a ride to the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe. More than just a new map, Ticket to Ride - Europe features brand new gameplay elements including Tunnels, Ferries and Train Stations. Plus, we've upgraded you to First-Class accommodations with larger cards, new Train Station game pieces, and a lavishly illustrated gameboard. Like the original, the game remains elegantly simple, can be learned in three minutes, and appeals to both families and experienced gamers. Ticket to Ride - Europe is a complete, new game and does not require the original version. It is for 2 to 5 players, and it takes 30-60 minutes to play.
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