Pandemic: On the Brink

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Has saving humanity become routine? Spice Pandemic up with new roles and events. Add a fifth player, try Legendary difficulty, or add an optional challenge: What if one disease is particularly nasty? Or, if a fifth disease is wreaking havoc? Or, even worse, if that fifth disease is being spread by a hidden Bio-Terrorist? BIO-TERRORIST Use only in the Bio-Terrorist Challenge. After each player turn, do up to 2 actions, plus 1 Drive/Ferry action (in any order). Contains 7 new Role cards, with matching pawns 8 new Event Cards 8 Virulent Strain Epidemic cards 12 purple Disease cubes 1 purple Disease wood marker 1 Cure Indicator sticker and card 2 Mutation cards 3 Mutation Event cards 1 Bio-Terrorist location pad 1 Epidemic card 1 reference card 4 blank cards for customizing 5 petri dishes and labels Age 13+ Players 2-5 Playing Time 45 Minutes
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