Lords Of Vegas

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Lords of Vegas is a new title by James Ernest and Mike Selinker. This is the same game that was previewed under the working title Casino Vegas: Dust Dice Dollars. Fans of Cheapass Games will enjoy this full color, fully produced game and will recognize the underlying sense of humor that is present in other titles by the founder of Cheapass Games. You are the ultimate Vegas speculator. Starting with nothing but parking lots, you build themed casinos - sprawling, and reorganizing to grow and swallow your neighbors. You raise money by gambling or trading. And you can trade anything: money, land, casinos, even the casino dcor! Nothing is a safe bet, though, for adjacent casinos might merge and any boss with the right cash can risk a wild reorganization. Everyone is rolling for the top, for only the strongest casino boss makes the calls and reaps the glory. Come, roll your dice. Grab your piece of paradise!
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