Gigamons - Memory Board Game

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La chasse aux Gigamons is a game for 2 to 4 players from 5 years old. This is the last event to enter the guild of magicians. It remains the ultimate lesson to master: the invocation of Gigamons. After this test, one that will catch more Gigamons be promoted to Elemage. Good luck and good luck to all! Aim of the game Find the pairs Elemons to the exchange against Gigamons. Setting up of the game: 1-Mix all the Elemons tiles face down and create a 3 by 3 square! 2-Place the 7 Gigamons and the Rocks tiles on the side of the play area. 3-The remaining Tiles of Elemons form the deck. How to play? The youngest begins. In turn, each player returns 2 face tiles. If the tiles are different, the player puts the face down. If the tiles are identical, the player wins and triggers the power the Elemon that is drawn (see specials ability of each Elemons. Then he replaces them 2 tiles from the deck without looking at them. If a player has 3 identical Elemons, it can put them back in the box to catch the Gigamon associate. If an opponent already has this Gigamon, he can steal it. Then it was the turn of the next player. End of the game The game ends in 2 ways: When a player has caught 3 Gigamons; When the Elemons tiles deck is empty. Who win the game? Who ever has the most Gigamons is promoted to Elemage! In case of tie, who ever has the most Elemons wins. In case of a tie, all tied players are promoted to Elemages.
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