The Game Library

We are testing the concept of a game library, where you can try out games from our library for an evening.

How It Works

Everyone who joins the Rinuu Insiders gets access to the game library. You are then able to borrow a game for five days from the game library by picking it up from the local game library location. After two days, you will return it back to the local game library. Normally, there is a $5 rental charge for the games, but you can access them for free by getting two of your friends to sign-up for the Rinuu Insiders. Once you have signed up twenty of your friends for the Rinuu Insiders, you will receive all future games at no cost.

Current Cities

The game library is currently available in the following cities:

  • Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Would you like to see your city added to the list? Let us know here.

Getting Started

If you are already part of the Rinuu Insiders, and you're located in one of the game library cities, you can contact us to get the game library list at [email protected].

Library Rules

Here are a few of the common sense rules that we have in place for the library.

  • Deposit: When you get a game from the library, a hold for the replacement cost of the game will be placed on your credit card. The hold will be released when the game is returned.
  • Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Game: While the game is in your possession, you are responsible for taking care of it. If it is lost, stolen, or damaged to the point of unplayability, you will be charged the full retail price of the game.
  • Lost Part or Partial Damage: If the game is partially damaged in a way that affects game play, or we find some missing parts during inspection, you will be charged the cost of replacing the parts or repairing the damage.
  • Late Fees: You can keep the game for up to five business days (so you can keep it over a weekend without counting towards the number of days). After five days, a $2.5 fee per day will be assessed, up to double the full retail value of the game. Please notify us if the game has been lost or stolen to avoid these extra charges.