Canalis Board Game

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Carve an Empire in the City-State of Tempest. The City-State of Tempest sits in a small coastal area wedged between the mountains and the sea. While the mountains hold isolated miners, shepherds, and the famed Abbey of the Heavenly Temple, for most people the waters are the lifeblood of Tempest, and its buildings cluster around the canals that weave into every part of the city. That was before a recent storm breached a natural barrier to the Fens, allowing Tempest the chance to expand. In Canalis, 2-4 players lead a faction as it seeks to dominate the colonization of this new swampy coastal land. You need to provide waterborne access to your buildings, and connect them to the natural resources that previously could not be exploited. Fueled by the promise of wealth and the chance to form and dominate a new district in the image of your faction, this is your chance to ensure that your people control the area from its inception... and never let go. Place canals to connect your buildings to recourses and to the harbour. Ensure the peasantry looks to you for employment. Improve the prestige of your work by placing scenic gardens. And wouldn't the Senate Annex look most aesthetically pleasing right there, where it completely blocks the view of your opponent's building? Canalis is a game of building a new district in the City-State of Tempest, arranging the canals and placing buildings in such a manner as to benefit you the most. Players use a mixture of card drafting and tile laying to build the district, and each player's secret missions keep the outcome in doubt until the last card is played. Expand the city of Tempest through strategic tile play, laying canals and new construction. Fulfill hidden goals for greater power. Prevent your opponent from completing their goals by blocking their plans. Contents: 48 Influence Cards 64 Draft Cards 18 Mission Cards 6 Punchboards of tiles and tokens Game Board Rulebook Players: 2-4 Ages: 14+ Playtime: 45 min
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