About Us

Rinuu is a board game & toy retailer based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our mission is to help you discover your next favourite board game. We'll be coming out with a lot more features for board gamers in 2017 so stay tuned.

We've also created the best rewards program in Canada for board games. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars before you get close to your first reward, we reward you quickly and often. You can learn more about about your rewards program by following the link below.

In addition to the rewards program, Rinuu offers fast, free shipping, a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy, and live, responsive, friendly customer support.

The Founders

Through a series of (un)fortunate events, Joshua Okello and Keith Brink became roommates in university and quickly became brothers, bringing entertainment, laughter, and an optimistic attitude into every situation. Rinuu started as a side project in 2015 to make some extra money on the side, but over time became a place where Josh and Keith could bring that same joy, fun, and energy into people's homes with creative, relaxing, healthy products. In 2016, Josh and Keith became official business partners and launched Rinuu as the best place online to discover and purchase your next favourite board game.

In early 2017, Rinuu launched the best board games rewards program in Canada, offering unprecedented levels of savings and unique experiences to board game lovers in Canada. Stay tuned for future news and developments in this fast-moving story by joining the Rinuu Insiders above.

Contact Us

You can reach us through the following channels: